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Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine

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Storage Pallet Rack Roll Forming Machine is the equipment used for making Pallet Rack Systems. supporting supermarket shelf For the pallet racking manufacturer that currently produces posts, braces, and steps.

Upright Roll Forming Machine is suitable to form galvanized and CS Stainless steel and copper and so on. Mostly customers place orders for galvanized and carbon steel that for business construction is more popular.

Pallet racking is usually comprised of beams, wire decks, and uprights.

Most common types of pallet racking systems:

  • Cantilever Racking
  • Selective Racking
  • Push Back Racking
  • Drive-In Racking
  • Pallet Flow Racking
  • Carton Flow Racking

This Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine consists of auto/manual de-coiler, guide frame, lever/feeding section, continuous hole punching section, forming section, positioning and cutting section, collection table and electrical control system, etc. All kinds of roll forming machines can be customized, so just send your profile drawing to me.

Working flow: Decoiler — Servo Feeding — Punching— Levelling— Roll Forming —- Cutting —- Run out table

rack upright roll forming machine work flow

Component part Quantity
Hydraulic/Manual De-coiler 1 Set
Cutting device 1 Set
PLC control box 1 Set
Hydraulic punching device 1 Set
Forming machine 1 Set
Punching machine 1 Set
Hydraulic pump station 1 Set
Production support table 1 Set


1. Auto/Manual decoiler  
1.1 Loading capacity 5T
1.2 Steel coil I.D. φ480-φ508mm
1.3 Steel coil O.D max φ1800mm
1.4 Cantilever width 500mm
2. Leveling System   
2.1 Roller number 7 pcs
2.2 Motor 4KW
3. Mechanical Press Machine  
3.1 Puncher machine YANGLI
3.2 Press power Mechanical 80T
3.3 Punch Die Material Gcr12, heat treatment, Hardness 58-62°
3.4 Puncher die 1 set
4. Roll Forming Machine  
4.1 Roller groups 18 stations
4.2 Roller material GCr15 with heat treatment, HRC58-62°
4.3 Roller shaft dia. Φ80mm
4.4 Shaft material 45# with quenching and tempering
4.5 Motor 18.5KW
4.6 Transmission way Gearbox ( Chain available)
4.7 Machine frame body 8mm Welded plated, Stress-Relieving
4.8 Roller supporter nodular iron casting pillar
4.9 Roller bearing HRB, 30213
5. Hydraulic Pump Station  
5.1 Motor power 4KW
5.2 Cooling way Fan wind
6. Electricity control cabinet  
6.1 Frequency inverter DELTA
6.3 Screen touch screen DELTA
6.4 Encoder Omron
6.5 Low voltage Schneider
7. Cutting precision  
7.1 Cutting length ±1.0mm
7.2 Vertical Tolerance ±1.5mm
7.3 Horizontal tolerance ±1.5mm


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